MONNO is a design-driven property developer that transcends the expected. We focus on quality over quantity, only working in peerless locations, and only partnering with exceptional collaborators.

We consistently deliver places renowned for the highest standards of design excellence, attention to detail and a genuine commitment to innovation, sustainability and creating value for clients and communities.

Our portfolio represents billions of dollars worth of award-winning residential, commercial and mixed-use projects that elevate the built environment and leave a lasting legacy.

Our philosophy

A focused approach

We only take on a handful of projects at a time, allowing us to commit our attention and resources fully. From pursuing opportunities to scrutinising every decision, we take a measured approach.

It’s our nature to refine. To finesse. To bring everything as close to perfection as possible. A focused approach, for the finest outcome.

Obsessed with design

We engage with contemporary architecture and design through our diverse portfolio.

While every MONNO project calls for a unique design response, there are still fundamentals we believe in. The quality of light. The luxury of space. And the desire to deliver something truly exceptional.

Creating a legacy

Because we take a focused, design-driven and innovative approach, we can make a more meaningful contribution to the fabric of our cities and communities.

Why? We want to deliver long-term value for the places and people of tomorrow. A legacy of singular quality.

Institutional Innovation

We transform projects from concept to reality by employing a rigorous and creative approach.

In combination with institutional capital partners, we have the unique understanding and resources to deliver on our bold visions for projects that stand apart.

Industry-leading people

We bring a wide range of experience and a shared commitment to excellence. We work together to ensure we deliver to our own high standards of design excellence, superb craftsmanship and financial preeminence.

Work with us

Our pipeline requires people as focused, innovative and industry-leading as our projects. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d like to hear from you.

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